World AIDS Day was yesterday and I just wanted to give you a quick round-up of some of the activities the Student Stop AIDSers planned to show how we can BE THE GENERATION to SEIZE THE MOMENTUM on AIDS!

dundee dragon

Dundee covered the famous ‘Dragon’ in red balloons as part of their ‘Paint the Town Red’ event! With ‘fingers crossed’ for the Global Fund, we hope that we hear good news from the replenishment conference tomorrow!!!

Aberdeen, have a host of events in their ‘Red Week’ which started yesterday. With the same ‘fingers crossed’ theme, members of the public were asked to paint their fingers red, in hope that we reach the $15 billion target!








Glasgow gave out ‘Free Cake’ in return for people listening to why HIV is still a problem we need to tackle. They got a whole host of people to have photos taken with their ‘cross-fingers’ in support of the Global Fund!

Rachel Cooper and Callum Wadd from the Edinburgh group braved the North SEA! And did a sponsored swim for World AIDS Days!!!!!!! That’s dedication! swim


Dami picLancaster Stop AIDS held a charity netball match with the medsoc netball team against the medsoc football team.  It was a very fun match with many laughable moments.  The girls narrowly missed out on a win and the boys were victorious after a draw in the well fought out match and the boys winning in a shoot-off at the end.

Manchester did a pub quiz which raised £131 for George House Trust, made a video exploring people’s HIV knowledge, had a stall in the union to raise awareness and give out condoms and made this fantastic banner.lucy manch






Other activities included  the world’s biggest AIDS ribbon down in Sussex and our London members being part of this stunning shot!





The enthusiasm and commitment of you guys towards raising awareness about HIV and our crucial need to improve the international response, simply astounds me! Keep up the good work!

Next big event coming up is the Student Stop AIDS Speaker Tour! Stay tuned!