What we do


Direct action

what-we-do-1Stunts, protests and demonstrations are great for grabbing the attention of the media and the people making the decisions we want to influence. Plus, they’re a great excuse to get outside and have some fun with fancy dress, music or whatever you can think of! Our campaigners run their own local publicity actions and take part in nationally organised stunts too. From loud marches to pool parties, colourful cabarets to spontaneous flash mobs, we know how to be heard!




what-we-do-4Your elected MPs (Member of Parliament), MSPs (Member of Scottish Parliament) and MEPs (Member of European Parliament) have an obligation to listen to and represent you. We show them that young people must not be ignored and build relationships with them to influence their perspectives and actions. We train our campaigners so that they feel confident to attend meetings, either in their Constituency or in Parliament itself. We contact them in other ways too, like sending creative letters or inviting them to join our events. Other powerful decision-makers include government Ministers and the executives of big pharmaceutical companies.


Spread the word

what-we-do-3We reach out to the public to increase awareness of the problems around HIV and AIDS and change negative attitudes towards people affected by HIV. We get their support for our public  campaigns, gathering signatures for action cards, petitions and scrolls, taking photographs and even getting their hand prints to show the large numbers of people mobilising behind our demands. We also speak out online on social media and traditional media too.



Organise locally


Organising locally looks different all over the UK. As individuals or as part of a network, we hold film screenings, fundraise and reach out to community, youth and HIV & AIDS groups. Previously there have been fundraising ceilidhs (Scottish dance) in Edinburgh, awareness-raising underwear balls in Exeter, campaign stall at Brighton Pride and festival campaigning in Nottingham!

From influencing the G7’s commitment to universal access to HIV treatment to increasing access to suitable HIV drugs in Thailand, engaging 100,000s of people through our petition and 1000s on the street, we won’t stop until we achieve our vision.

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