Be the Generation -Seize the Momentum on AIDS!

In September the UK government pledged £1bn to the Global Fund To Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria over the next three years. This fantastic commitment means a life will be saved every three minutes.

This commitment is, however, subject to other countries following its lead. So we now need to turn up the heat on other world leaders to ensure that we seize the momentum on AIDS and become the generation to end it.

We need you to send a clear message to the leaders of France, Germany, Australia, Canada and Japan. So get your French phrase books out, brush up on your Japanese and join us for some mass tweeting. Just follow the quick and easy steps below.

Here’s what to do:


1. Join twitter.

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2. Click on the links below to tweet world leaders. Tweet as many as you can, but don’t worry if you just have time to send one or two.

The Global Fund replenishment conference ends on Tuesday 3rd, so keep pressure up by tweeting up until then!

Tell President Hollande to follow the UK’s lead and double France’s contribution to the Global Fund!
Click here to tweet:

@fhollande Le Royaume-Uni a doublé sa contribution au @GlobalFund pr lutter contre le sida, tuberculose, paludisme: un exemple pr la France?

(@ fhollande The United Kingdom has doubled its contribution to the @ globalfund fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria: will France follow this example ?)

@fhollande Comme le Royaume-Uni, doublez la contribution FR @GlobalFund pour une génération sans sida, sans tuberculose, sans paludisme!

(@fhollande As the UK has done, double the contribution France @globalfund for a generation without AIDS, without tuberculosis and malaria free!)

M. @fhollande aidez nous à éradiquer le sida, la tuberculose, le paludisme et doublez la contribution FR au @GlobalFund comme le Royaume-Uni

 (Mr@fhollande help us eradicate AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and double France’s contribution to the @ globalfund as the United Kingdom)

Tweet Prime Minister Tony Abbot, MP Julie Bishop and Joe Hockey MP, asking them to pledge $US 375 million over two years to the Global Fund- that’s only $5 per Australian!
Click here to tweet:

@JulieBishopMP The UK has pledged £1 billion for the Global Fund, for #5BucksPerAussie help us #bethegeneration to end HIV, TB and Malaria

@TonyAbbottMHR help us to #bethegeneration to end TB, HIV and Malaria. Join the UK and pledge $375m to the Global Fund!

@JoeHockey We believe Australia can help us #bethegeneration to end HIV, TB and Malaria. Join the UK and pledge $375m to the Global Fund!


Tell President Harper to be inspired by the UK’s commitment of £1 billion and to make a significant increase to the contribution they made at the last replenishment conference.
Click here to tweet:

Le R-U promet £1 milliard pour le Fonds mondial. Canada, c’est à vous de mettre fin au VIH, à la tuberculose et au paludisme @pmharper

(The UK promises £ 1 billion for the Global Fund. Canada it is up to you to stop HIV, tuberculosis and malaria @ pmharper)

Mettre fin à la tuberculose, le VIH et le paludisme @pmharper. Joignez le R-U et faites un gros gage pour le Fonds mondial!

(Ending tuberculosis, HIV and malaria @ pmharper. Join the UK and make ​​a big pledge to the Global Fund!)

Nous croyons que le Canada peut mettre fin au VIH, à la tuberculose et au paludisme. Joignez le R-U et soutenez le Fonds mondial @pmharper!

(We believe that Canada can end HIV, TB and malaria. Join the UK and support the Global Fund @ pmharper!)

Tweet Sigmar Gabriel the current chair of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), MP Volker Klein and Steffen Seibert, head of the German government press and information agency, asking them to urgently double Germany’s contribution to the Global Fund. Click here to tweet:

@sigmargabriel Help end AIDS, TB and Malaria now! #bethegeneration and double the German contribution to the #GlobalFund

@VolkmarKlein The #GlobalFund is highly efficient in fighting AIDS, TB and Malaria. Support it with a fair share of 400 Mio. € per year!

@RegSprecher #bethegeneration and help end AIDS, TB and Malaria. Germany, be fair and double your pledge to the #GlobalFund !


Tell the Prime minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, that we need him to give another $100 million to the Global Fund.
Click here to tweet:

#bethegeneration 安倍総理にお願いです。世界では、多くの人々が今もエイズ・結核・マラリアで苦しんでいます。日本が世界エイズ・結核・マラリア対策基金に、もう一億ドル多く出すことで、多くの人々の命が救われます.「世界基金にもう一億ドル」ぜひ、よろしくお願いします@AbeShinzo

(Translation: I have a request for PM Abe. There are many people suffering from HIVAIDS, TB and Malaria. If Japan contributes “US$100 million more” to the Global Fund, Japan can save more people’s lives. Please fund “US$100 million” to the Global Fund @AbeShinzo)


3. Encourage your friends to take action too:

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