Yesterday, the ISDS resolution was voted through by a group of MEPs to be part of the controversial trade agreement, the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

For those of you that haven’t been involved in the discussions so far, TTIP would impact our access to medicines, as well as our food standards, the NHS and the environment. TTIP itself has drawn huge attention from European citizens, including over 2 million signatures in this petition alone. ISDS would enable companies to sue governments if they make laws that affect their profits. Read more here.

Whilst this is a blow to ‪#‎noTTIP‬ campaigners there is also a silver lining. Firstly, all Labour MEPs (excluding one) , who originally were in favour of pro-TTIP resolutions, voted against the ISDS resolution. We can celebrate that us #noTTIP campaigners and the tens of thousands of emails to MEPs had a role in changing the their position!


Secondly, this was not a binding vote on TTIP and it is now even more controversial now that it includes ISDS. It caused uproar and anger in European Parliament. Let’s catalyse citizens’ discontent with their MEPs that put corporate interests over own first – spread the word and get in touch with your MEP!

‘We need to redouble our efforts to defeat TTIP, we need to be wary of false promises from those who claim to be on our side…. in the long run today’s disappointment is in no way a game-changer.’ Guy Taylor, Global Justice Now