Now that the speakers are all back home safe and sound, we need to say a massive THANKS  to everyone who helped to make the tour such an amazing and inspiring event.

And an especially big thank you to those who hosted us – we couldn’t have done it without you all and your generosity and dedication.

We attended 13 universities, DFID East Kilbride, The APPG on HIV and AIDS, held meetings with HIV Scotland, The Terrence Higgins Trust and Think Africa Press, spoke to over 500 students and collected a whopping 900 (and counting!) transparent letters for the EU parliamentary election candidates.




Whether you helped out with our campaigning, wrote a letter to your MEP candidate or came along to an event you are helping us to achieve our goals of zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths. It’s been a fantastic and inspiring month which we hope has motivated you to continue campaigning with us!


And here’s a lovely thank you from our very own Jay:

‘The 3 amazing weeks of the Student Stop AIDS Campaign in Feb shows the enormous power of activism and volunteerism by the youth in the UK. Without the strong support of local students and societies, this remarkable speakers’ tour would not be accomplished. I do feel optimistic about the youth-driven campaign like the Student Stop AIDS and do believe that it will be the model of best practice for the global HIV/AIDS treatment campaign of the youth, and by the youth. All those wonderful young people who joined the tour in Feb this year, please keep up with your great work to make more meaningful progress globally. This is not only for the access to affordable medicines in the developing countries, but also for the sake of human equality in good health’



And one from Nick!

‘It was such an incredible experience to meet everyone, to travel the length of the country and to have this incredible privilege of speaking to hundreds and hundreds of young people who are so committed and so enthused. I will never forget all the late night chats, the people who opened up their homes and their lives for a night, the drinks bought, the looks on peoples faces in the audience as we told our stories, the countless thank-you’s and the overwhelming sense, each and every night, that we had made a difference. To know that those who came along won’t quickly forget the experience, and they will continue to do the incredible work that so many are doing, for that, thank you!’