A big hello to the entire network – I’m Tabby 🙂 (I’m the one below on the right)

SSAC at UAEM conference

and I can’t wait to work with all of you kickass SSAC campaigners! What’s great about the SSAC is that it is living, breathing proof that bringing together young people’s creativity, skills and networks is powerful!

Before I embark with you on this journey, I should introduce myself:

1. The issue of HIV/AIDS is very close to my heart – we currently have a potentially-incredible-but-painfully-inadequate response to the issue. Good health is not a privilege but a right in itself. I am completely inspired by the young people that I have volunteered and worked with; from the AIDS Action Teacher clubs in Zambia, to the ‘young Mandelas’ (advocates) of South Africa to, of course, the creative and dedicated student StopAIDS-ers that I’ve campaigned wiith and chanted alongside in the UK.

2. I’m an activist – as a UK Citizen I have the power to influence decision-makers to make essential changes, and I’m going to use it! Campaigning, whether it’s talking, protesting, lobbying or online action, should be fun, meaningful and community-led. I’ve learnt a lot from being involved in different initiatives, from global campaigns like Action/2015 to more local activist groups, such as ActUp London.

3. My background is in youth and international development: I previously worked in the Global Policy and Practice team at Restless Development (I’m now in the Campaigns team), and volunteered with them on the International Citizen Service in Zambia and South Africa on sexual and reproductive health and HIV issues. Before I was ‘Restless’, I volunteered in India with a NGO focused on land rights and worked for the British Red Cross.

4. Beyond that: I’m (annoyingly) positive, a big music fan (the one that got over excited on the dancefloor) and the place I call home straddles both Manchester and London.

Over summer I will be getting to grips with the ins and outs of the campaign and the network, working with the brilliant Saoirse (the previous SSAC Coordinator) over at STOPAIDS. I will also be planning how we can recruit a new generation of young, passionate campaigners as well as organising summer actions (keep an eye on the newsletters!) and preparing for the student year.

I’m particularly excited by our #missingmedicines campaign and the potential to unravel a movement (even a revolution!?) that re-addresses our Research and Development (R&D) system, ensuring that medicine is created on a basis of global health need and not corporate greed – it’s logical, just and necessary!

For advice, support and motivation, do get in touch with your society’s presidents, but of course, I’m always here if you need a chat too or just want to say hello; drop me an email, tweet me, send me a letter or note via pigeon.14946954-Illustration-of-cute-bird-with-letter-Stock-Vector-cartoon



Email: tabby@restlessdevelopment.org

Twitter: @tabithaha

Phone: 0207 633 3371