On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, members of the steering committee from across the UK gathered to discuss campaign progress and future plans. Here’s a re-cap on what we chatted about:

Initially Saoirse exhibited Karel De Gucht’s (The EU commissioner for Trade) response to the letter sent on the Day of Action. Though there are many issues we want to raise with Mr De Gucht’s response, it was a great achievement that he had taken note of our concern. WAHOO! kdg

With the run up to MEP elections close in hand, we discussed methods we could use to draw the attention of MEP candidates and urge them to support more transparency regarding Free Trade Agreements and for them not to support any that would prevent access to life-saving medicines. Emailing and asking local MEPs is one step we can all take. Here’s me posting my letters:

harvir MEP letters






Looking on to further campaigns, we celebrated ViiV joining the Medicine Patent Pool and discussed further campaigning to encourage other drug companies (such as Johnson & Johnson) to also follow suit.


In addition to this, with the recent headlines of some antibiotics soon to become obsolete due to overuse, we also discussed how the Research and Development model must be altered if we are to target the illnesses and diseases that are under-researched and yet large causes of death.

It was a truly productive day (although London was absolutely filled to the brim with one-day tourists!) and grounds for very solid campaigns. Especially with more of these issues coming to light in the press, it is great that Stop AIDS continues to apply pressure on these matters.

If you’ve got a SUPER idea for a stunt, campaign action, rap, theatrical performance on the subject of ACCESS TO MEDICINE raise your voice and tell us about it! You are the brains behind this outfit so share your ideas!


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