On Thursday the 13th February, Sheffield was blessed with a spot of sunshine- which was a pleasant change from the previous deluge of rain. But the ray of light was only supplementary as to why the day was special.IMG_4642

As I frantically organised the trash pile I call my room, I caught sight of a rather packed minivan which I deduced was the Stop AIDS speaker tour posse.

I was greeted by a very cheerful gentleman who told me his name was Jay. I was further introduced to Nick and Daisy. These three were to make for amazing speakers later in the evening. I also met Saoirse, the Stop AIDS coordinator, Florence and Izzy who were just as cheerful as the speakers.IMG_4724

As we drank much needed caffeine, we prepared to educate the local students with our campaign and obtain a few signatures to send to our MEPs. We fashioned stylish jackets and wolf masks to portray the current practice MEPs undertake and how a lot of their transactions with other countries are very opaque. We gathered both interest and signatures; it was brilliant to see the support students gave to the campaign.

But the main event of the evening was the highly anticipated speaker tour. It kicked off at roughly 8pm in a friendly (yet slightly noisy!) coffee restaurant which drew an excellent crowd of roughly 45. I sat awe-struck as I listened to the inspiring stories Jay, Daisy and Nick had to express. I cannot emphasise enough how remarkable it was to hear these speeches. Their inspirational stories not only fuelled my motivation to further support the campaign but also stimulated new members to join Sheffield Stop AIDS group.IMG_4721

Thanks again for a truly eye-opening talk, from everyone is Sheffield we wish you all the best!


Harvir Braich