Sheffield you were a treat! Thanks for the snow scattered mountains, the steep hills and the warm hearts!sheffield


Had loads of fun campaigning with Murray and Simon from the Sheffield group and had a great turn out at the event!

Murray said ‘ It was a privileged to met such inspiring people who are travelling the country putting a human face to the millions of people living with HIV’.

On Friday morning we headed even further north to the ancient city of Newcastle. Suman, Juliana and Jack campaigned for only an hour and got 40 signatures!



The event was small but intimate and we had a great discussion after the talk. We spoke about mother to child transmission of the HIV virus and how important treatment is in preventing this. We also spoke about how treatment can act as prevention- if someone is adhering to their regimen then the chances of passing on the virus are reduced by more than 98%. Most of the audience were UAEM members so were really interested to share their knowledge on access to medicines issues and we were keen to hear it!

An amazing first week! Thanks to all who came, signed petitions and showed your support on social media. SCOTLAND…here we come!