To say that my first couple of weeks as the Campaigns Intern was a whistle-stop tour of the Student Stop AIDS Campaign (SSAC) is an understatement!


Day Two, and I was already joining forces with Robin Hood Tax campaigners in a stunt outside the British Banker Association’s Annual Conference here in London. The aim was to remind the general public and the City’s elite that Britain is still a playground for bankers. Supporting this campaign is really important as introducing the Robin Hood Tax could help raise billions of pounds which would help fund the steps needed to end the AIDS crisis. A good idea? I think so!


We gathered at Trafalgar Square, armed with see-saws, space hoppers, and a slide (!), stuffed our pockets with fake money, and eagerly awaited the arrival of the conference delegates. Having never done anything like this before, I’ve got to admit that I was slightly apprehensive as I marched towards the busy venue with a rowdy group of champagne-swigging ‘bankers’, carrying a bright orange space hopper and dressed as Robin Hood. BUT, this feeling was soon washed away with a rush of excitement as we began to set up our playground, get into character and kick-off the stunt.


Our chants of ‘Tax the banks, not the poor!’ and ‘Bankers’ play-time is over, Robin Hood Tax NOW!’ soon created quite a stir. We managed to catch the attention of several journalists covering the conference and even got a picture into the Guardian (now proudly displayed on my fridge…)!!


That’s me, perched on the see-saw, on the right!


So – to all you SSAC newbies (and old-timers), ignore those initial nerves, rally up your troops and get involved in stunts in your area! With World AIDS Day just around the corner, there are AMAZING opportunities to let your voice be heard and contribute to our exciting national campaign, ‘Why Stop Now?’.


Good luck to ya and I look forward to hearing all about your campaigning endeavours over the next few weeks 🙂


Tarryn x