This year’s Day of Action ON World TB Day was all about finding our #Missing Medicines which have gone astray due to the profit-driven nature of our current system for developing drugs.

In the afternoon we headed over to the DfID offices to hand in a letter to senior civil  servant Jane Edmondson outlining our need for R&D reform and for the UK to support a pilot version of a new system called the 3P’s by MSF – read our letter here:

And last week we got a reply from Baroness Northover! Although  she doesn’t direvtly respond to our request regarding the 3Ps she does mention the need to strengthen the way we do health R&D. She also refers to the WHO’s recommendations around a pooled fund for R&D but doesn’t say whether the UK agree with it or not. Take a look here:


It’s REALLY IMPORTANT that we get as many signatures as possible on our #MissingMedicines petition to show DfID that there is broad public support for the UK to lead the way in contributing to the pool.  So if you have an event coming up then please collect people’s signatures – if you need flyers let me know and i’ll send them over! There is always the on-line link too: