STOPAIDS’ hard work at party conferences in the autumn last year has largely paid off with the major parties making positive commitments to invest more in global health, improve the HIV response and reform the way we do medical R&D.

nathalie bennetGreens

First on their list of international development issues. The Greens will:

  • Advocate for ambitious SDGs including a commitment to end AIDS, TB and malaria


nick cleggLiberal Democrats

The Lib Dems have shown a great commitment to global health promising to:

  • Invest to eliminate within a generation preventable diseases like TB, HIV and malaria and explore new ways to support public and private research and development into treatment for these and other deadly diseases and infections



Although TB, HIV and R&D reform are not explicitly mentioned there are strong hooks for our agenda. Labour will:

  • appoint an International LGBT Rights Envoy
  • push for global targets to tackle inequality and promote human rights
  • establish a Centre for Universal Health Coverage


The Conservatives didn’t mention TB or HIV but made promises to improve the way we do medical R&D. They will:

  • lead a major new global programme to accelerate the development of vaccines and drugs to eliminate the world’s deadliest infectious diseases


Come along to the STOPAIDS Quarterly Meeting tomorrow to debate with smart development politicos about what it all means and how we can maximise the impact of these commitments in the lead up to and beyond the election.

UNICEF UK, Thursday 1.15-4.30pm