Hi my name’s Kate!

I have just completed my first week in my new job as the new Student Stop AIDS Coordinator, so I thought it was about time I said hello…

It’s already been a bit crazy, getting my head round all the acronyms and details of Free Trade Agreements, investment chapters, patenting rules… on top of the standard remembering names and faces in the office. Phew! But it’s also been pretty exciting too.

Walking into the office on the first day to find my desk was literally underneath a tower of placards, banners, fake pharmacies, and giant pill packets, made me grin – this is my kind of place! Just flicking through the photos of past actions and talking to some of you already, I can see that it is a vibrant, ambitious and creative network, ready to make a difference.


But you probably already know that. I figure you’re thinking – who is this? Well, here’s 5 things about me…

  1. I love hi-vis, and wear it regularly whilst cycling my bike ‘Ollie’ around London, (and sometimes on protests too). I am so cool.
  2. I’m an activist at heart – I worked at ActionAid before this, helping our student network to campaign for tax justice. I have also been really involved in fair trade campaigning, youth climate organising and to some extent UK Uncut and the Occupy movement, and I’m really excited about getting my teeth stuck into the Stop AIDS campaign again!
  3. Travelling is awesome, especially overland, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit all of the groups over the coming months.
  4. I heart warm up games and ice breakers, so if you come to one of the training weekends, expect to be thoroughly fed up with name games and running around. I also sing in the London Youth Gospel Choir, so I’m sure I’ll be able to shoe-horn some singing into an action or event somewhere.
  5. I like chatting, so give me a bell or add me on Facebook.
Bring on week 2!