Wow! Two days after the 2015 Day of Action and I’m still reeling! It was a really special moment standing outside Parliament in the sun with 20 passionate campaigners singing a Daft Punk remix and doing the robot dance!

Thank you all so much for coming down to London (special props go out to Ben and Harriet who left York at 12:30 am) on Tuesday to help spread the word about our #MissingMedicines and how we’re going to find them.

It was great to be side by side with you guys shouting, not just about a problem, but about a solution! The 3Ps approach ‘PUSH, PULL, POOL’ designed by MSF that champions innovative incentives, collaborate research and shared licensing to achieve suitable and affordable medication for all.

Read more about the problem and the solution here.

pills dancing Push Tourist 3Ps dancing happy

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