Hello guys! My name is Fiammetta and for the next two weeks I will be helping Kate to coordinate the Student Stop AIDS campaign.

It is that time of the year again when Uni is about to start and to make the end of summer less painful and Fresher’s week more fun we prepared a handy guide on how to put on a great stall. We know that putting on a stall for Fresher’s Fairs can be challenging and we want to give you some tips on how to go on in this great adventure with the Student Stop AIDS Campaign.

Remember that every fresher worth their salt is looking for something to get stuck into! If you are well prepared, have a great stall and clear purpose and plan for getting new people involved, Fresher’s week will be a goldmine of new enthusiastic members. The more people involved in the group the more you can do and the more pressure we can put on the targets of our campaigns.

Plan in advance

Think about how you’re going to use the space given to you and what activities you are going to organise for the day. What could you use to make your stall exciting? Film, talk, games, free snacks or goodies (Who doesn’t love a freebie)?

Make your stall stand out

There will be dozens of stalls competing for the attention of the freshers so it is important that you stand out. You may want to think about creating a large banner or eye-catching posters. Remember you can order a Freshers Pack from kates@restlessdevelopment.org

Have a Rota

  • It is always worth finding a couple of people to help you out so you are not on your own. Make sure your stall is always manned by a couple of knowledgeable and enthusiastic members.
  • People may be intimidated and the idea of campaigning may be new to many of the freshers who visit the fair, – have someone greeting them as they arrive and make sure the group looks inclusive.

Plan what information you need to get across

  • Give an introduction to the campaigns (don’t get bogged down in too much detail that overwhelms people – if they want to know more they will come back!),
  • Give an introduction to the Stop AIDS network – make sure that they know what kind of activities you get up to; different things may appeal to different people. Also let them know about all the exciting national opportunities that are available to them.

Collect Campaign Actions

Get people to sign action cards – they will feel like they have instantly achieved something. How about any 15 by 15 action cards you still have, or why not get people’s picture with a J&J sign or message?

Publicise your first meeting

Tell people about your first meeting and keep up the momentum. Your stall handouts and posters should advertise the time and place of your first meeting. Make sure your meeting is fun and interactive– play some games, explain the campaign, and set the tone for a creative, active and inclusive group to be involved with. Make sure you have something to plan with new members  – like an easy visual stunt on campus or an event that everyone can get involved with.

Publicise the National Gathering

In your Freshers Pack are flyers for the National Gathering on 2nd-3rd November. It’s a great way to get new members involved in the Campaign and to realise they’re part of a bigger movement, so get as many along as possible!


There are any number of things that can be forgotten but the most important thing is that you turn up and enjoy yourself. The fair is an opportunity to talk about something you feel passionate about and shouldn’t be a massive stress. If you need support you can email Kate at kates@restlessdevelopment.org with questions, or ask for us to come visit you and we can help you on your stall or with organising a stunt or training event on your campus.

It’s not all about the Fair…

Why not do a flashmob or stunt on the main campus and give out flyers, do lecture shout outs, flyer halls of residences – and think of other ways to stand out during Freshers Week.