Last month the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria released its 2018 Results Report. The report revealed that the Global Fund partnership has saved 27 million lives since its formation in 2002.

To coincide with the Global Fund Results Report, Youth Stop AIDS activists took to the streets to highlight that the Global Fund is chasing the three diseases but that we aren’t at the finish line yet.  Campaigners representing TB, HIV and malaria were chased down the streets of East London by a Global Fund mob towards a finish line. We know that we are getting closer to the finish line as the Results Report has shown that the Global Fund supported:

  • 17.5 million people to access antiretroviral therapy for HIV in 2017
  • 5 million people to be treated for TB in 2017
  • 197 million mosquito nets to distributed to prevent malaria in 2017

The UK is one of the founding donors of the Global Fund and continues to be a leading contributor, pledging an impressive £1.1bn in 2016. The UK’s contribution is leading to healthier people and healthier countries. Our investments in the HIV, TB and Malaria responses are also having the knock on effect of strengthening national health systems as a whole.

Although the Global Fund’s results report is cause for celebration, our It Ain’t Over campaign has show significant hurdles remain if we are to reach the finish line of the AIDS, TB and Malaria response.

Last year approximately one million people still died of an AIDS related illness and young people remain disproportionately affected. GFAN‘s recent report ‘Get Back On Track‘ highlights worrying evidence of some of the challenges in the HIV response and the work that remains to be done.

As the Global Fund’s 6th Replenishment approaches in 2019, it is vital that all stakeholders keep their eyes on the ball and mobilise the necessary funds to fight these killer diseases..

Every UK tax-payer has contributed to the UK’s ability to finance life saving programmes through the Global Fund and so every tax payer is responsible for a proportion of the 27 million lives saved. We want to celebrate the important contribution individual UK citizens have played so our partners STOPAIDS have made this awesome interactive tool so you can find out how many lives your constituency has saved.

Have a check how many your lives your constituency has saved, share online and join us in chasing the end of the three diseases!