On Thursday 22nd May the UK will hold EU elections, where we will vote to elect new Members of European Parliament (MEPs) who will represent us for the next five years – making decisions on EU politics and policies that affect us.


For the Student Stop AIDS Campaign, it is vital that we elect the right candidates. Our current Access to Meds for All campaign calls for the EU not to implement any Free Trade Agreements that will harm access to medicines in developing countries. We are asking MEP candidates to pledge not to support any FTA which will restrict access to medicines and is not 100% transparent.


What you can do: 

– VOTE! Watch this handy video which shows exactly what you need to do to register and vote and then go to www.myvote2014.eu to see which MEPs best share your views. The deadline for registering is the 6th May so get going soon!

– Write to the MEP candidates for your region asking them to support the campaign and to arrange a meeting to discuss the campaign – for more info on this email saoirse@restlessdevelopment.org