The Student Stop AIDS Campaign National Gathering 2013 is one week tomorrow! Lets go warm chilly Edinburgh up, here’s Becca, Alison, Gaia, Tom and Daisy telling you why this is not an event to be missed!

Becca- “The best city in the UK is calling all Stop AIDSers to the highlight of the Stop AIDS Calendar year. We will provide accommodation (all of our sofas are extremely comfortable and we are always stocked up with tea and coffee), travel will be reimbursed (travel links to Edinburgh are all fantastic – it’s not as far north as Inverness, don’t worry), food will be taken care of (no haggis, we promise) and we are all a very friendly bunch of people (so we’re told.) There is a great line-up of speakers and attending the Gathering is the best way to get motivated by the new Stop AIDS Campaign and we can all share ideas with each other. So what are you waiting for?! BOOK YOUR PLACE. And bring a jacket. It’s cold.”

Alison-“People should come to Edinburgh because we are super friendly (when you get to understand our accents) and the city has some amazing views. Come and meet like minded people, learn about how to Stop AIDS and get drunk whilst being involved in the most amazing Pub Quiz. (Created by someone who has never actually been to a pub quiz.)”

Gaia- “I’m a baby in StopAIDS Society terms but having only joined in September, there are no words to describe how welcoming the group has been and how lovely it’s been to get involved as well as informed, all while in such great company. We might only see you for a weekend but there is a lineup of events I’ve heard great things about, and I doubt Edinburgh (or its Student StopAIDS chapter) will disappoint!”.

Daisy-“Edinburgh Stop Aids is so incredibly friendly, I felt at home right away! I went to the National Gathering last year and it was honestly amazing; I came back with loads of new friends, a ton of new skills and heaps of enthusiasm for the great work that Stop Aids does!”

Tom -“The society has lots of greatly experienced members who are keen to share their experiences and knowledge to new members in Edinburgh and beyond. The society bases its efforts not only in campus but in the wider community, where the importance of our efforts is deeply visible.”

What are you waiting for! Fill out your forms and send them to