On Tuesday we set off from Azam’s cozy flat back into the howling gales and headed South to Dundee. By the time we arrived the sun was shining and we were met by the happy smile of James Robertson, President of the Dundee branch.

We quickly jumped into street campaigning prep: Daisy, Jay, Izzy and Yev wrote letters, I painted wolf masks and James did some last minute social media.


We set off for the students union, dressed as wolves in sheep’s clothing to represent the vindictive and sneaky nature of Free Trade Agreements that pretend to be beneficial for developing countries. The Dundee crew were amazing at stopping people and talking about our campaign and they got over 25 letters to MEPs signed!!

We packed up and headed to the venue where we were met by the rest of the Dundee society who bought sandwiches and crisps and drinks for everyone. We showed the campaign action video and James introduced the night!

Unfortunately Nick was unable to join us last night but Daisy and Jay held the fort! After a brief photo-shoot with a local newspaper called the Courier we got going. There were over 40 people  in the audience and some really insightful questions were asked like ‘what are the barriers to accessing affordable medicine?’ Which meant I got to explain our whole Access to Meds for All campaign. One girl also asked Daisy and Jay about what sexual education is like in Uganda and China. They both talked about the lack of appropriate information and Daisy spoke particularly about the difficulties that come with living in a country with a conservative government.

It was a really wonderful evening! Thanks Dundee!! IMG_4253