Dear comrades,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that I have decided to move on from my role as coordinator of the Student Stop AIDS Campaign.
It has been an electric 18 months full of activism, advocacy, workshops, dressing-up, speaker tours, student floors and everything in between. There is no greater feeling that being part of a movement which is trying to push for systemic change, even if its hard and complicated, the courage of this campaign to fight the big issues is all-inspiring.
But the magic of all this is you guys. I don’t say this to try and be romantic, it’s the truth – every time I met with a group of you: at the speaker tour or the national gathering or one of your events I was reinvigorated by your enthusiasm and dedication – this energy is what makes this campaign special and is the machine that drives it.
I’m not going far though! My new role will be at STOPAIDS as the advocacy officer, and part of my job will be to support the coordinator and the SSAC so you’ll still be seeing me 🙂
This means that my job is up for grabs and it would be amazing to get one you guys in there. Check out the job description here, applications need to be in by 9am on 8th May. If you want to have a chat about it let me know.
Much Love to all of you,
ssac saoirse