Day 10 & 11 – Aberdeen and Birmingham


After an all-day drive on Saturday we arrived in Kendal for our wonderful weekend relaxing the beautiful Lake District: where our day off consisted mainly of country walks, open fires and SNOW!

Monday morning and we were on the road again on our way to Birmingham University, to be hosted by their incredibly active Medsin society. We arrived to a packed out lecture theatre of 50  students eager to hear Cristian and Juliana share their stories. The atmosphere was highly excitable as the students waited for the talk – which we’re sure had nothing to do with the great free pizza (pres name) had generously provided and everything to do with the Speakers!! After the talk, and despite not being able to street-campaign during the day, we left the midlands without a shadow of doubt that we had strong support for the Missing Medicines Campaign at Birmingham! The engagement, anger and passion of the attendees as Saoirse summarised how our current system of R&D is fundamentally broken and as she presented MSF’s exciting Push, Pull, Pool alternative, cemented our belief that Birmingham was behind us!!