Our merry men and women braved the weather today and headed to Barclays AGM to show our support for a better and fairer banking system, and to demand the UK Government to implement a Robin Hood tax.

Barclays today announced that they are to pay their investment bankers subsidies of around £420,000 each per year. This figure is on top of already staggering salaries, and comes amid news that Barclays made a pre-tax loss of £475 million in their first quarter.

After arriving outside Barclays AGM, Robin Hood nurses battled a Barclays investment banker for the massive £420,000 cheque- a figure that has been promised to each of Barclays investment bankers in subsidies, but which could pay for 17 full time nurses!


Our Robin Hood Nurses put up a gallant fight, and in the end came away victorious with the giant cheque to prove it!

Unfortunately for us though, this is not the reality. The announcement of huge Barclays bonuses further highlights the need for a more responsible banking system- one that includes the Robin Hood Tax.

A Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on banking transactions which could raise billions of pounds for people living in poverty in the UK and abroad, for global health initiatives and for climate change.

“This tiny tax on the banks is only fair. UK tax payers bailed out the banks after they caused the biggest financial crisis in recent history. People across the world continue to suffer in the aftermath of the crash, as bankers are rewarded with gigantic and unfair bonuses. It’s time for the bank to pay their fair share with a Robin Hood Tax”, Clodagh McCarthy, Restless Development.

A massive thank you to all the merry men and women for not letting the weather dampen their spirits. As Tom, a Robin Good Tax campaigner, so aptly put it “It’s never too wet for justice!” We couldn’t agree more Tom!