This World AIDS Day, we’re asking the UK Government – Why Stop Now? AIDS related deaths fell from 2.3 million in 2005 to 1.7 million in 2011. The response is working, so we’re asking #WhyStopNow?

The campaign to get the Government to announce a blueprint on World AIDS Day, launched last week and already we’ve seen some pretty cool stuff going on – including Edinburgh’s sterling efforts to collect hundreds of blue handprints  and the London group‘s amazing video!

We’ve got hundreds of actions already, but we need LOTS MORE if we are to get the UK Government to sit up and listen to us!

Next week is World AIDS week – so we need to make some noise in media around the country. We want you to organise a stunt on your campus or in your town to attract some attention. But that’s next week I hear you yell, don’t panic. It’s easy! here’s how…

We know that WAD is fast approaching, so here’s 5 ideas of how to integrate the campaign into your existing World AIDS Day plans!

  1. I’m organising a talk / screening Fab! Why not put action cards on everyone’s seats. After the film/talk, why not get everyone to stand up – and either hold up pieces of blue paper to make a blueprint, paint people’s hands blue, or get people to create a giant question mark with their bodies?
  2. I’m taking over a club night– Get some petitions signed by targeting the queue while they’re waiting, ask the DJ to do a shout out, or try and get everyone on the dance floor to put their hands in the air and take a pic (perfect stunt!). Why not paint people’s hands /faces blue, throughout the night.
  3. I’m putting on an event – Perfect – you can plan what you like! If you’re organising a gig, or a vigil, you can ask people to join in the national campaign by getting people to spell out Why Stop Now with their bodies, or hold a banner in support of the campaign? Or use your candles to spell out your message? Bake some blueprint cakes, and of course people can sign the petitions too!
  4. I’m meeting my MP Brill – why not bring with you any action cards you’ve had signed already or a banner and ask the MP politely if they’d like to have a picture with you? Local media love a good pic with a local MP!
  5. I don’t have any plans yet! It’s easy to organise a stunt on campus, all you need is at least 2-3 people to hold up a sign/banner, to make a video, or to ask people to sign the petition outside your union. Give us a call if you want more ideas!

Use this template Press release to get some attention around your stunt /event by contacting student and local media outlets, either before or after your event (don’t forget to ring up to check they got it!). Send it to them with a hi-res picture and they’re bound to print something about how active and great you all are! Why not invite your local MP to your event – a great chance to get some local media and a lobbying opportunity in! Here’s a guide to getting local media from a local journalist herself and a guide to lobbying your MP, to make it even easier!

Get in touch for more ideas or support. We can come and visit your uni to help out with any actions, just let us know!