STOPAIDS welcomes investment, but urges world to do more

Just over $12bn was committed to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria by world leaders at a pledging conference in Washington DC last night. The money raised will help to save millions of lives from the three diseases as the world looks to finally bring the epidemics under control.

The $12.007bn total announced is an increase on the last replenishment effort in 2010 and is enough to reach an additional 5.9 million people with HIV treatment, but falls short of the $15bn the Fund estimated is needed to meet full demand over the coming three years.

With full funding the Fund could save 5.8 million lives in the next three years alone. It would mean the world could start to add more people onto treatment every year than are newly contracting the virus, passing a critical tipping point in the history of the epidemic.

The UK has committed £1bn but, like the US, has made their contribution dependent on the rest of the world stepping up. For every $3 pledged by the rest of the world the UK and US will deliver a further $2, until the full $15bn is raised. If the total pledged by others falls short, the full UK and US pledges will not be released.

STOPAIDS Director Ben Simms said:

Reaction from STOPAIDS to the Global Fund Replenishment 2013

“This is an incredible investment in an organisation and an effort with a track record of world changing results. The leadership the UK has shown in committing £1bn to the Global Fund is truly historic. The contribution from British people alone will allow a life to be saved every three minutes.

“But if we are to seize the momentum and finally bring the epidemic under control we need to hit the $15bn target in the months ahead. Missing the target means more people newly contracting HIV and dying from AIDS, pushing up costs and preventable death long into the future. The rest of the world must match the ambition shown by the Prime Minister and Secretary of State, Justine Greening.”