The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee are a small group of Youth Stop AIDS campaigners who sit between Restless Development and Stop AIDS and the wider campaign network. Our role is to offer support and guidance to Youth Stop AIDS campaigners and make sure that their voices are heard by the organisations we work with. As a group we help set the campaign focus and support the network, whether that is individual campaigners, groups, societies or regional clusters.

Our aim is to have a fully inclusive, values led and impactful campaign. We do this by encouraging creativity, strategic action, transparency and partnerships. We also want every individual involved with Youth Stop AIDS to feel valued, because they are, so we are committed to offering personal support where ever possible. As individuals we all have specific areas of interest and expertise and work in partnership with Restless Development staff to ensure that these are utilised to make Youth Stop AIDS as strong as it can be.

Meet the Steering Committee!

Missing Medicines Officer: Georgie Wallis

It Ain’t Over Officer: Shane Dooner

London & South East Organiser: Molly Pugh Jones

Northern England Organiser: Meg Hartman

Scotland Organiser: Carla Home

Inclusivity & Diversity Officer: Jevany Thompson

Campaign Mentor: Sam Anderson

Fundraising Officer: Rosie Oakley