What you can do

We’ve learnt that campaigning works. Every time a decision gets made, those in power think hard about the consequences of their choice. Our campaigning makes sure that they have to factor our voices into the equation. Find out here how you can get involved and help us end AIDS by 2030.

Come to our events

February: Speaker Tour

Each year Youth Stop AIDS supports young people affected by HIV or AIDS to voice their story across the UK. There is nothing more powerful than hearing the true-life stories of people affected by these diseases and the failings of this system to motivate people to take action and change this reality. The Speaker Tour will visit 20 cities and universities across the UK in February, including a visit to Department for International Development (DFID) and to the Houses of Parliament to engage with key UK decision makers. The Speaker Tour aims to engage and inspire young people in the UK to take action to help tackle the pandemic. As well as hearing their stories at afternoon and evening speaker events, we will be running daytime campaign activities alongside our young campaigners in cities across the UK. Find out more details here and join the Facebook event for the latest updates!

Wednesday 9th March 2016: Day of MP Action 

Come join our Day of MP Action! We’ll be holding a campaign briefing and a short training (catered to different levels) and getting our campaign resources ready in the morning, before holding a creative stunt and going into Westminster to engage with our Members of Parliament (MPs,) update them on our Missing Medicines campaign and call on them to take action with us to help reform the system for developing new medicine which is currently failing. Sign up here.

Please contact Tabby (tabby@restlessdevelopment.org) if you will need support with travel expenses or, if you are travelling a long way, need us to book accommodation in London the night before.

22nd March 2016: Day of MEP Action

Take part in lobbying MEPs to bring justice to people living with and/or affected by HIV. Contact Tabby (tabby@restlessdevelopment.org) if you’d like to get involved.


Get involved with our campaigns

Our current campaigns currently focus on access to medicines for all. Anti-retrovirals (ARVs) have existed since 1996 but, despite this, there are still 16 million people in the world not accessing treatment. To end of AIDS by 2030, we must address the barriers that stop millions of people from getting the drugs they need. Here in the UK and, more broadly, Europe, there are two campaigns tackling the mains barriers that we can influence:


 The system: Missing Medicines              The players: Big Pharma & Trade Agreements

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Upcoming campaign

The Global Fund is crucial to ending AIDS. It is the main funder of harm reduction programmes in the whole world and saves a life every 3 seconds. We previously campaigned for the UK government to pledge £1 billion to the Global Fund and won! In 2016, when the Global Fund is due to be replenished, we will be pushing for the UK to continue its investment!



Meet your local groupUK-Map

There are Youth Stop AIDS groups and student societies all across the UK. These groups organise their own activities as well as joining in national level stunts and events. Local groups may hold film screenings, fundraise and reach out to community, youth and HIV/AIDS groups. Contact Tabby (tabby@restlessdevelopment.org) to be put in touch with your local group.


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