“I was thrown out of my house for being gay. I engaged in sex to have a place to sleep. This is when I came face to face with HIV.”

Kennedy, Speaker Tour 2018 

We are sorry to announce that due to the risks posed by coronavirus we have taken the difficult decision to cancel all Speaker Tour 2020 events in London, Manchester and Glasgow. 

This was not an easy decision to make but the safety of the young people we work with, our volunteers, staff and event attendees is our utmost priority. 

We will still be launching our #WakeUp campaign, calling on the international community to take immediate action for children living with HIV so keep an eye out for what you can do to take action on the campaign!


There is nothing more powerful than hearing the life experiences of young people affected by HIV and AIDS to motivate you to take action.

That’s why we host the Speaker Tour – a week long journey around the UK, where you can hear first hand the inspiring stories of young people overcoming the challenges associated with HIV and using these experiences to make a positive change locally and globally.

In previous years we have been joined by incredible speakers from across the UK and the Global South delivering moving speeches to hundreds of people around the UK. People have been moved to tears and laughter as their powerful stories weaved between humour, positivity and their emotionally hard-hitting experiences.

Join us this year to find out how to take action on our campaign, calling on the UK government, pharmaceutical companies and the international community to #WakeUp and take immediate action to prioritise children in the HIV response.

There are 1.7 million children living with HIV globally, of whom only 52% have access to medication. Without this medication, almost half will not make it to their second birthday. In 2016 alone, 120,000 children died due to AIDS-related illnesses, which equates to 328 deaths every day. AIDS-related illnesses are still among the leading causes of infant mortality.

If you agree that every one of these deaths is completely unacceptable, join us this year in London, Manchester or Glasgow. Listen to our speakers, take action on our campaign and help to save children’s lives all around the world.